Koningsdag 2022

Every year, His Majesty the King celebrates his birthday in a different city. On April 27, 2022, this took place in Maastricht. This traditionally takes place with a walk through the city with various activities and performances by local artists and societies. Life in Maastricht is showcased in this way.


The visit of the Royal Family brings security risks and adjustments. Klinkhamer Group was asked to think along on an organizational level and advise on these safety risks. We were also asked to design the accreditation process using our own Klinkhamer Insight system in order to help facilitate the safety screening.


Klinkhamer Group handled the entire accreditation process and associated facilities such as walk-in points, wristbands and screening statements. Program participants had to report to the accreditation point in the early morning through passport verification to collect their wristbands for the respective zone.

Participants: 2500
Audience: Guests and acts
Location: Maastricht, NL
Venue: n/a
Duration: 1 day
Execution: safety screening accreditations
Manager: Robbin Grouwels
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