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IAPCO ACCREDITED Recognition for the work we do

With great pride, Klinkhamer can officially call itself a member of IAPCO, the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers.

"It is a confirmation of our work as congress organizers and is very important because we operate on an international stage," says Director Niels Klinkhamer. "As a team, we are extremely pleased with this milestone we have achieved together."

Interview with Niels Klinkhamer & Robbin Grouwels


In line with ambitions

Joining IAPCO is fully in line with the ambitious goals of Klinkhamer. It was a long-cherished desire to obtain this membership. "We don't need to be the biggest, but we want to be the best. That requires a professional image, a level of maturity, and recognition. Being affiliated with IAPCO means a lot," says Managing Partner Robbin Grouwels.

Official recognition

According to Niels, many international clients prefer to work only with parties that are IAPCO certified. "This membership is even more recognition for the work we do. It confirms that what we do is truly good. That we are a reliable congress organizer with a lot of experience. It's easy to claim that you're good at your job, but this certificate proves it. This is the quality we offer to our clients. And it builds even more trust."

Intensive audit process

Klinkhamer has undergone an intensive audit process to become a member. Robbin says, "It's not just about sharing a lot of information. They even come to our office and observe during a congress to see if you can actually deliver what you promise. The assessment is strict. After the audit, the board deliberates, and only then is a decision made regarding membership. In the Netherlands, a total of 4 congress organizers are accredited. We are number 138 worldwide.

And even after joining, there are annual quality checks and reviews conducted by the 'IAPCO Quality Committee.' As an IAPCO member, you are obligated to undergo a continuous quality assessment process throughout your membership."


International network

As a relatively small, local player, Klinkhamer now has (even better) access to an international network of major congress organizations. Niels says, "We can collaborate and tap into their knowledge and expertise. This allows us to serve our clients even better." Klinkhamer organizes impactful events, mainly focused on medical and scientific associations. "So, we bring people together to share knowledge. And in this way, they can contribute to science. Facilitating this knowledge transfer happens internationally and worldwide. It involves much more than just arranging the venue and catering."

Training programs

In addition to the large international network, IAPCO offers various training programs. Robbin says, "As congress organizers, we all face the same challenges. We can share experiences and learn from each other. Additionally, we are constantly updated on the latest trends. These are all great benefits of membership."

Adaptable resilience

It has been proven that Klinkhamer can adapt and survive even in challenging times. The COVID-19 period was tough, but they emerged from it as a stronger team. Niels says, "Our adaptable resilience has perhaps been our greatest strength. If you stay normal long enough, you become exceptional."

Robbin adds, "We have built a fantastic portfolio and are increasingly competing with parties we never thought we could compete with. Klinkhamer is starting to be counted among the 'big players.' And of course, we are incredibly proud of that!"

"Work hard in silence, let success make the noise!"

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