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CBBE AND KLINKHAMER JOIN FORCES Strategic Partnership Propels Brainport Eindhoven to Premier Hub for High-Tech Scientific Conferences

Klinkhamer has entered into a strategic partnership with Convention Bureau Brainport Eindhoven. Through this collaboration, the bureau aims to accelerate the promotion of Brainport Eindhoven as a destination for business tourism.

"We have full confidence in Klinkhamer as a professional conference organization bureau with expertise in recruiting and organizing scientific congresses and events," says Ingeborg Bosch, manager of the convention bureau. "We believe we have found a partner who can accelerate with us in acquiring and supporting conferences that align with the technological domains of the Brainport ecosystem."

Pooling strengths, knowledge, and skills

Niels Klinkhamer, the director of Klinkhamer, emphasizes the importance of the strategic partnership with the ambitious and dynamic Convention Bureau Brainport Eindhoven: "Together, we aim to attract conferences to the region. Klinkhamer's mission, 'Facilitating Knowledge Sharing,' is further strengthened by sharing expertise in developing strong propositions. By combining regional strengths, knowledge, and organizational skills, we create a fruitful collaboration with the goal of successfully attracting high-quality conferences. These events, in turn, contribute to effective knowledge transfer in the region."

About the collaboration

The parties will work together to bring conferences relevant to the focus areas of the Brainport region to the region. The convention bureau is responsible for promoting the region and organizing (inter)national conferences. Klinkhamer Group brings its expertise to assist the convention bureau in attracting scientific conferences. Through this joint effort and knowledge sharing, the parties aim to position Brainport Eindhoven rapidly as the premier location for high-tech scientific gatherings.

Optimal support

Brainport Eindhoven is known as the most innovative ecosystem in Europe, characterized by a powerful high-tech manufacturing industry, a prominent design sector, and a unique collaboration model. Brainport Eindhoven excels in key technologies such as micro- and nano-electronics, AI, battery technology, integrated photonics, and advanced manufacturing. For conferences in the field of these innovations and technologies, Brainport Eindhoven is the ideal location. Ingeborg says, "Organizers of scientific congresses and events need to be aware of this. It's good to know that the convention bureau has a partnership with a conference organization bureau that has the necessary expertise to provide optimal support in organizing their congress."

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