Talk show: IBP

On June 18, 2020, Chemelot Circular Hub was presented to the different ministries of our National Government in The Hague.

An ambitious project supported by a large group of companies, educational institutions and local governments within the Region of South Limburg.

A plan which is set to reduce the need for fossil fuels turning into a non-waist society which will affect the environment, the people, companies, The Netherlands ánd the Euregion.

Klinkhamer Group was asked to make this presentation happen and have it be as effective to all listeners and participants possible.

The outcome was a live online video conference which had the format of a lively talk show. 11 CEO’s,  directors and managers talked with moderator Paul ‘t Lam, about the exciting opportunity this Circular Hub brings.

From the Centre Court building, in the midst of the daily activities of their headquarters, a passionate presentation of the large impact was given.

In 4 weeks we put together the script, the line-up of speakers, a non-risk budget, registration module, video statements and audiovisual equipment.

Also a polling during the live broadcasting was included so participants really involved themselves in the outcome of the talk. The same afternoon all participants received a survey and the link to the video conference.

We are proud with this collaboration with Brightlands Chemelot Campus knowing that we too had a part in the start of something big and exciting happening!


150 live viewers,
1000+ viewers afterwards


Different ministries


Sittard, The Netherlands


Brightlands Chemelot Campus


1.5 hour

 project manager

Janine Brüll
Nadia Debie


Speakers and guests
Onsite coordination

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