Public event “Op de Buitenring”

The public event “Op de Buitenring” took place on Sunday September 30, 2018. More than 8,000 interested people have run, hiked and cycled about 10 kilometers from the Outer Ring this day.

The Buitenring is almost ready and the Province of Limburg, Parkstad City Region Limburg and IBA Parkstad did not want to pass this up. That is why they organized the public manifestation “Op de Buitenring”. About 10 kilometers from the Buitenring between the Schuureikenweg (Hoensbroek) and the Mijnsteenberg (Brunssum) that day was transformed into a running, walking and cycling course. A unique way to take a look at this new motorway.

It was a bright day and the interest was great. Commissioner Eric Geurts: “In recent years, a lot of work has been done on the Outer ring. This has also meant a lot to the residents of Parkstad. Now that the road is almost ready, we wanted to celebrate this together with the environment in the form of this public manifestation. It is nice to see that there was so much enthusiasm for it. We can speak of a successful day! ”. The visitors were also very enthusiastic. “Great this car-free Sunday”, “unique opportunity to run and cycle on this road” and “in one word great!” were some reactions.

In the morning, the IBA Leisure Run was scheduled with around 1,000 runners participating. Kelly Regterschot (IBA Parkstad) opened the morning with the starting signal for the half marathon. In the afternoon recreational walking and cycling were on the program. Governor Theo Bovens gave the starting signal for the afternoon program, after which Deputy Eric Geurts and Councilor Charles Claessens (Parkstad Limburg City Region) were the first to cycle on the route.






Parkstad Limburg,
The Netherlands




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