New energy, new website

Figuratively and a bit literally, after the Christmas holidays, I am working with a lot of new energy again and we are proud to launch a new website right away.

A website that takes into account the many digital changes that have followed rapid progress in recent years. Consider the interaction with social media, a dynamic that fits with the organization and good findability within search engines. It is also a website that better matches the development that Klinkhamer Group | conferences & events has made recently; simply put, we as a company have grown from an executive organization to a strategic conference partner. My role has also changed. With the arrival of a business developer and the assignment of a managing partner, I get the opportunity to do more in relationship management. It is precisely this management that has proved to be of great importance over the past years. It is not without a reason that "attention" is one of the core values ​​of Klinkhamer Group | conferences & events. This has been expressed in the ability to think along with wonderful activities, such as the Maastricht Debate 2019. Cold acquisition is from the last century, and even more so from the previous millennium. Nowadays, a good and reliable network is vital and we invest a lot of energy in this. The result is that we have achieved growth towards a party that has been involved in a conference or event from the very first moment. This way, we can think along with you at the front and you do not end up with standard solutions, but creative ideas are the basis for the organization of a successful conference or event. It certainly took time to come to where we are today, but our partners now know what they have for us, which will also lead to some great end results in the coming period. This could be an interesting topic for my next blog...

Niels Klinkhamer

Ps: Oh yes, feel free to browse our new website and let me know what you think.

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