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# Title
1 Looking beyond the intervention of the artist: Choice and preparation in rock art sites view
3 Archaeological networks and social interaction.
Towards an application of network analysis and network concepts
in social archaeology
17 The future of museum archaeology in Europe view
20 Beyond migration: interdisciplinary approaches to mobility in early medieval Europe MERC view
23 Applications using Hand-Held Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometers view
28 Management, protection and access to the archaeological heritage view
34 New approaches to human mobility in 4th and 3rd millennium BC Iberia view
46 The Materiality of Rock Art: insights into relationships between people, place and object in world rock art view
49 The concept of building tradition as a tool in studying medieval buildings: approaches, definitions and applications MERC view
55 Archaeology and the European far-right: attitudes and responses from heritage bureaucracies view
56 Plants as fibre resources: approaches from the science and arts perspectives view
58 European Things in motion: Transnational Material culture during 14th and 17th centuries MERC view
68 Constructing social theory for the “different Iron Ages”: critical insights in a comparative perspective view
70 Building Structures, Activity Areas and Site Layouts of Neolithic Settlement Areas view
75 The ‘long’ 16th century: archaeological evidence for innovations in the rural world (technology, agriculture and husbandry) MERC view
77 Overcoming challenges of sustainability in archaeology and tourism view
82 Climate Change and Archaeological Heritage view
100 Every end has a start: the transformations of Neolithic societies and the emergence of new ethnic identities. view
102 Art Crime and Stolen Heritage: Towards an Archaeological Consensus view
109 Work smarter, not harder:
integrated archaeological approaches to occupational health in past societies
119 Made From Fire and Stone – The Phenomenon of Vitrified Forts view
120 Between research history and cutting-edge analysis: Cultural taxonomies as the building blocks for the European Stone Age view
122 Working together: how should EAA and CIfA collaborate? view
131 Obviously, there was someone before the Vikings... Case-studies from the Dark-Ages of Northeastern Europe. view
132 Collecting rocks for science! Building bridges and how to successfully implement citizen science for Middle Palaeolithic surveying across northern Eurasia view
134 Exploring the spatial and temporal scales of warfare and conflict view
135 Contextualising the Dead view
136 Bridging Theoretical and Practical Divides in Public Archaeology view
140 Multi-technique approaches to investigating mobility within high-resolution chronological frameworks view
142 People of the North Sea MERC view
143 Archaeology of 20th century armed conflicts in Europe view
144 Archaeology at sites of protest, resistance and compliance MERC view
146 3D Technologies in Archaeological Documentation, Analysis and Interpretation view
147 Small Things Do Matter: detecting the medieval period through archaeological finds made by the public MERC view
149 Archaeology of European "guerrillas": resistances, landscapes and memories view
150 Island Networks: Analytical and Conceptual Advances in the Archaeological Study of Intra- and Inter-Island Relationships view
152 Novel scientific developments in the reconstruction of the archaeology of mining and metallurgy and its impact on the environment view
155 The interaction between forensic archaeology and bioarchaeology view
156 Recording schemes for artefacts found by private persons: approaches, opportunities and challenges view
159 Transitions in Prehistory: instances and consequences of these events resulting from climate, migrations, new technologies and other causes. view
160 Do you see what I see? Theoretical approaches to understanding ancient worldviews view
163 in situ preservation at a time of changing climate MERC view
164 Archaeology without borders: freedom of thinking, freedom of movement – a joint EAA-CIfA Round Table and Discussion view
165 Burials as complex features: Exploring new approaches to death and burial in archaeology view
166 Automation in artefact recognition: perspectives and challenges in archaeological practice view
172 Imagined Authority: Archaeologists and the Myth of Power. view
174 Managing archaeology in highly dynamic urban centres view
176 European Elections 2019 – Bench marks for Archaeology and Heritage Protection view
179 On otherness and deadly identities: an archaeological reading of fundamentalism and regional wars in the Middle East view
182 Reconstructing prehistoric identities and life histories through isotopes view
183 Preventive Archaeology toward the third decade of the 21rst century view
190 Cultural Heritage Politics in a Transitioning Europe view
191 Rethinking Thomsen's Three Age System: Critical Interrogations of the Epistemologies surrounding the "Iron Age" view
196 MERC Forum MERC view
200 Craft: reconsidering social context, production and division in prehistoric and non-literate societies view
203 The Archaeobotany of Non-Food Plant Exploitation view
209 Enough LiDAR on my plate: interpretation of changing landscapes between the awakening and fall of the Roman Empire view
210 Rock art research is archaeology or it is nothing view
213 Vikings on the edge: the limits of Viking expansion and influence in the Low Countries and beyond MERC view
214 The other side: The reality of the earliest farming in Europe and lessons for understanding agricultural origins view
219 Proofs and possibilities: understanding the role of evidence in archaeological research view
224 Re-thinking how European contract archaeology can best contribute to society view
225 Meeting us. Heritage, cultural identity, and newcomers in Europe in the 21st century view
233 Present identities from the past: providing a meaning to modern communities view
237 Archaeological practices and knowledge work in the digital environment view
240 Pastoralists as Catalysts of Change: Archaeological science revolutionizes studies of the ancient steppe view
241 Do we speak the same language? For a constructive dialogue between tourism and archaeology view
242 The archaeology of European peatlands from an interdisciplinary perspective: how to move forward? view
243 Medieval Buildings: Connections across regions, types, and periods MERC view
249 Roman logistics unraveled: the organization of trade and transportation of bulk goods view
251 Describe Your Data: the CRM approach to Archiving and Exchange of Archaeological Field Databases view
255 New directions in archaeological studies 1500 – 2000 MERC view
257 Malta: a roadmap towards a global Convention view
258 Beyond low lands: The European relevance of the study of Bronze Age and Iron Age communities in the Low Countries view
259 The origins of medieval villages: new approaches and ideas view
260 The Power of Populations: Integrating Bioarchaeological and Historical Methods for the Assessment of our Medieval Past. MERC view
261 Stone is the Storyteller - The materiality of stone through time (and mind)? view
263 Early Mediterranean metallurgy: technological innovation and cross-craftsmanship view
265 Environmental challenges for the medieval North Atlantic world view
267 Agglomerations: Towards a comparative understanding of settlement dynamics view
270 The Archaeology of European Migration in the Early Modern period view
272 Construction economies of the past. New approaches to their societal, political and long-term impact view
273 Stone Age campsites and settlements along the river banks and floodplains view
275 In Play: Archaeology in Videogames as a Metadisciplinary Approach view
277 Medieval ritual and votive deposits view
279 Fortifications, networks and landscapes: the challenge of high-definition archaeology MERC view
280 Working in the dark? Dealing with natural and human threats to buried archaeological sites. view
281 The Archaeology of Pleistocene Hunter-Gatherers and the Valletta Treaty: Time for a rewrite? view
284 Isotopic provenancing in archaeology: what does local/non-local really mean? view
285 Approaches to Early Farming Systems: diffusion and development of agricultural practices into the Mediterranean view
286 Beautiful bodies: Gender, bodily care and material culture in the past.
Archaeology and Gender in Europe EAA working party session.
287 The Odd, the Complex and the Curious – Finding and Interpreting Strange Burial Phenomena in the Viking World view
292 Transnational perspectives on the legacy of ancient pasts in contemporary Europe view
293 Mind the gap 2.0! Building bridges between Science, Heritage and Society in the archaeology of rock art. view
295 Long-term trajectories of the regional settlement systems: challenges when dealing with comparison and complexity view
297 Archaeology in a changing climate view
299 'What has happened in Ceramic Studies since Brugge 1997? MERC view
301 New training models to innovate European archaeology: the challenge of Public Archaeology view
302 Integrating Natural and Cultural Heritage: internal coherence and external efficiency view
303 Who owns the battlefield?
Trans- and Metadisciplinary Approaches in Archaeology
306 Integrating Natural and Cultural Heritage: political conditions and future developments view
308 Fading in and out of view. Copper Age innovations in their social context view
309 At the Game Table: Archaeology in (Video)Games view
310 Scientific approaches to the study of ornaments: from the archaeologist’s toolkit to body adornment in the past view
311 Objects & Images: Materiality of Lived Religion in the Classical World view
312 Mentoring: Annual RT of the EAA's Committee on the Teaching and Training of Archaeologists view
313 European towns and their environment in high definition: the 3rd revolution in urban archaeology MERC view
314 The Value of All Things: Value expression and value assessment in the Ancient World (Europe, Near East and the Mediterranean) view
316 Gunflints: production, distribution and use view
317 Urban encounters – the materiality of meetings in pre- and early modern towns MERC view
321 Marine Mammal exploitation from a diachronic perspective view
322 What is so special about Neolithic special buildings? view
325 Historical Materiality view
326 Developing professional standards for archaeological fieldwork training view
328 All about ICIP (the ICOMOS International Committee on the Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites) view
330 Using Live Interpretation, Living History / Re-enactment and Museum Theatre to interpret Archaeological Heritage. view
331 Silent traces of the past – Interpreting results from archaeological prospection view
333 Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Prehistoric Demography view
334 Assessing the application of the EU Environmental Impact Assessment Directive across Europe view
335 THE SILICEOUS RAW MATERIALS OF NORTHWESTERN EUROPE: transnational dialogue on the characterization of raw materials view
338 Mapping and modelling past landscapes to aid archaeological heritage management and interpretation of the archaeological record. view
339 Creating new scenarios for Archaeology: NEARCHing Factory reloaded view
340 Hidden Stories: 3D techniques as tools for exploring archaeological assemblages view
341 Welding a new approach to the study of ancient metals view
343 Putting Seafaring on the Map: The application of computer models to maritime spaces and communication networks view
344 Deconstructing Eurocentrism, Building Bridges view
345 Digital recording of prehistoric rock-art: how can new technologies help us to understand, manage, present and preserve prehistoric rock-art sites? view
346 Within the Woodlands: Exploitation of Wild Plants during the Medieval and Post-Medieval period view
348 Archaeology and large infrastructural projects view
351 Farming by fire.
The archaeology of slash and burn cultivation in a comparative perspective
355 Islamic Archaeology in Europe MERC view
356 Mobility and Migration in Mortuary Archaeology:
Methods of Investigation and Theories of Assessment
357 Archaeology on sale: how to prevent official selling of illegally excavated objects? view
358 Cultural frontiers – ecological frontiers: new approaches to the borderlands of opposing societies in the last two millennia MERC view
359 Beyond the (one) roof view
360 Archaeological evidence for advertising, promotions and “marketing” in antiquity. view
361 Culture, nature and the divine: maintaining the sacral across the long durée view
362 Presenting archaeology - the good, the bad and the ugly view
363 Funerary archaeology: new developments in burial taphonomy and archaeothanatology view
366 European Hunter-Gatherer Wetland sites: New Data, Models and Perspectives view
367 Method, theory and interpretation: towards an integrated framework for archaeological geophysics. view
372 Re-engineering the process: how best to share, connect, re-use and provide access to archaeological information. view
373 Landscapes through the lens of large-scale geophysical surveys: Big data, big opportunities, and big challenges view
375 Urban Encounters
Strategies of disseminating complex research results in the city space
378 ON-SITE SESSION - Visualising the past: exploring meaningful approaches in interpreting the archaeological record view
379 Sustainable in situ preservation of the archaeological record in Europe: 25 years of Malta. view
380 The archaeology of European colonialism: towards a politically situated research agenda view
381 Visualising the Past, Part II - Exploring Meaningful Approaches in Interpreting and Presenting the Archaeological Record view
383 Wrinkles in Time? Exploring Community through Temporalities of the Past view
385 Towards digital infrastructures for open, participatory, public archaeology view
386 Archaeological Heritage Policies and Good Practices outside Europe view
387 Standing stones. The whole story? view
388 The “Great Divide” once more? Archaeology in the north and south of Europe view
390 The message, not the medium: improving lecturing at international conferences. view
392 Mediterranean survey in Dialogue view
394 Archaeologists in a CHeriScape-shaped world. view
395 Beyond Simplistic Narratives: Can Archaeology, Linguistics and Genetics go together? view
396 Earthen architectures from the Neolithic to the Iron Age: detection of structures and characterization of building techniques view
397 Making choices view
398 On the margins? Thinking through marginality in the Holocene Mediterranean view
399 (Re)construction of larger buildings based on archaeology MERC view
401 Iron Production, Trade and Consumption as Bridge Builders during the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Era MERC view
402 Deploying the Dead: Interdisciplinary Dialogues view
403 Diving into waste: food studies from filthy contexts. MERC view
404 Landscape as the framework for social dynamics: qualitative and quantitative assessment of survey methods and approaches view
405 Cattle-based Agriculture in Central Europe - introduction, spread and impact view
408 Illuminating the past, enlightening the future: experimental archaeology pioneering for societal development? view
410 Language in European Prehistory view
413 New approaches in metal studies view
414 Riches from Distant Lands - transfer and perception of prestige goods view
416 Upper Palaeolithic in the Central Europe: new ideas and perspectives view
417 Journeys, Drifts and Encounters : exploring the boundaries of materiality. view
418 Integrative Biology and Archaeological Remains view
419 Experimental heritage: working together with time, art and heritage in the local community view
420 Telling World Heritage Stories: communicating archaeology to local communities and tourists at European World Heritage Sites view
423 Sculptured stones as transgressive objects: carving liminality in early medieval north-western Europe MERC view
424 Holocaust Archaeologies: Transdisciplinary Approaches, Ethical Issues and Uses of the Past view
425 Where next? Career pathways and opportunities for early career archaeologists across Europe and beyond. view
430 Predicting soil disturbances: knowledge for informed choices in archaeological heritage management. view
439 GIS and geomatic approaches to historical landscape archaeology: comparisons from one side to the other of Europe and beyond view
443 The Six Pillars of Sustainable Heritage view
444 The Archaeology of death (of burial) view