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The experiences of our team in the world of conferences and events extend until the turn of the millennium. Certainly in recent years we have seen this world change rapidly and radically. On a regular basis they like to take you along with their thoughts about everything that is going on today in "the most beautiful business there is".

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Personal contact is irreplaceable

Guest column Brightlands   You may well know it. I was at a loss when I heard how our Prime Minister cancelled all events with one announcement. ‘Is fourteen years of hard work going to waste?’ That was my first thought. The next day, I gathered my team. We took a moment together and we tried to think about what…

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A webinar in 7 steps

What do we mean by the term webinar? A webinar (a combination of ‘web’ and ‘seminar’) is an interactive live stream through the internet. Just like a ‘normal’ physical meeting, a webinar needs a location (on a digital platform), equipment, speakers, a moderator, content and a program. What are the benefits of a webinar? Bringing people together at one location…

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There is no business like “digital” business

It is March 12, we are glued to the tube and watching the press conference of Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Bruins. Expected but not hoped, the minister announces: “events and meetings with more than 100 people will be cancelled throughout the Netherlands”. Very soon many of our clients faced the dilemma: to cancel or postpone? In the following 2…


New energy, new website

Figuratively and a bit literally, after the Christmas holidays, I am working with a lot of new energy again and we are proud to launch a new website right away. A website that takes into account the many digital changes that have followed rapid progress in recent years. Consider the interaction with social media, a dynamic that fits with the…