dedicated, by all means

For 15 years, we have facilitated knowledge transfer and organized valuable meetings between scientists from all fields. More than 500 projects have been organized and more than 100,000 participants attended our conferences and events. Our team is often in the background during the organization, but essential to the success of these projects. Something we are very proud of.

Our story .

19 March 2008

Founded in Maastricht

Founded in 2008, Niels Klinkhamer started the company 'Klinkhamer Conference Management B.V.' in his attic room, after several years working for Conference Agency Maastricht. Niels' first clients were mainly local governments and the Maastricht University. Clients we are still allowed to work for today.


2008 - 2018

Growing into a serious PCO

In the first 10 years, Klinkhamer Conference Management (later Klinkhamer Group) is growing into a serious professional conference organiser (PCO). The team grew to 10 people and increasingly large and impactful conferences and events were organised. Some highlights include the first ever European Election Debate, various royal meetings and openings and several multi-day international conferences.


1 July 2018


Robbin Grouwels takes over shares and joins the board as managing partner. Klinkhamer Group takes a logical next step in the development of the congress organising agency. Robbin has worked in various positions within the organisation since 2010 and therefore knows the organisation inside out.


1 March 2020


COVID-19 is taking over the world and crippling the entire industry. Klinkhamer Group is also hit hard but (with government help) can adapt quickly. Several online meetings are organized and Klinkhamer Group survives the crisis with staff retention.



15 years!

To celebrate our anniversary, we took the entire team and their partners and children on a weekend trip to Disneyland Paris. What a ride that was! We cannot wait for the coming years to continue to organize even more successful events. Dedicated, by all means.